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A leading edge division providing solutions for Refineries, Power Plants, Desalination and other Process industries. EIS offers complete range from basic product for flow, Level Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, temperature, volume measurement to control & monitoring, DCS, MMI and other software automation packages.
EIS' breadth of the product line is foundation for diversity into commercial, industrial, power sectors. The division covers products ranging from industrial lighting, L.V.wires, cables, joints & accessories, Cable Glands, Lugs, panels, switchgear, Junction Boxes, test instruments to H.V. Substation, Fibre optic cables and transmission line products.
    Electrical Products

  • Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial & Hazardous, Explosion Proof, Area Lighting
  • L.V.Wires, Power, Control, Instrumentation Cables, Armoured, Insulated Wires, Bare Copper Earthing Conductor
  • Heat Shrink Cable Joints & Terminations, Glands, Lugs, Sleeves, Ties Etc
  • Steel /Aluminum Cable Trays, Support And Raceways
  • Grounding Rods, Earth Pits, Modules And Fusion Weld Connectors
  • GRE & GRP Cable Tray, Cable Trunking, Cable Ladders
  • PVC, Galvanized Steel, PVC Coated Conduits And Fittings & Crimping Tools
  • Junction Boxes, Street Light Poles, Explosion Proof Adaptors & Light Fittings
  • Fire Alarm Cables, Fire Resistant Cables (Armoured & Unarmoured)
    Power Distribution Products

  • Porcelain Disc, Station Post & Line Post Insulators, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), Guywire
  • Disconnect Switches, Capacitor Voltage Transformers, Fuse & Fuse Gears, Lightening Arresters, C.T'S / P.T'S, Switch Gear, MCB'S Mini-Feeder Pillars And Tubular Busbars
  • Preformed Ties, Pole Line Hardware, Conductor Spacers, Vibration Dampers, Substation Connectors
  • AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Tester, Cable Route Tracer & Fault Locators, Transformer Oil Test, Turn Ratio Meter, Multimeters
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cable Compression Tools, Conductor Stringing And Cable Pulling Machines, Pulling Grips, Winches
  • Hotline Trolleys, Safety Belts And Body Harness Equipments, Strippers, Cutters, Pliers Etc.
  • Pressure & Temperature: Indicators, Transmitters, Controllers, Switches, Recorders, Calibrators
  • Level: Indicators, Transmitters, Controllers, Switches, ATG, Ultrasonic, Capacitance Measurement
  • Flow: P.D.Meters, Turbine Meters, Ultrasonic Meters, Magnetic Meters, Vortex Meters, Blending Systems, Etc
  • Analytical Instruments, MMI, Industrial Automation Software, Factory Suite, Gas Detectors, Monitors, Analyzers, Instrument Fittings Manifolds, Quick Connects, Etc
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