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Slings to BS 3481 PT2 1983
Webbing from West Europe Safety factor 6:1
Slings to EN 1492-1
we also manufacture double Ply Slings as per european Norm, EN 1492 - 1 with a safety Factor of 7:1 The color of the webbing indicates the Safe Working Load / Working Load Limit of the sling. We have two programmes for this type of slings based on the webbing width.

Tubular Round Slings
Round slings are manufactured to EN 1492 - 2 and have a safety factor of 7:1. the load bearing fibers are wound together to form an endless hank. The working load limit is determined by the number of turns in the hank.

Cargo Lashings -Two Parts System
Allsafe manufactures a wide range of cargo lashing from 1 to 4 width and lashing capacities ranging from 400 kg to 5000kg A two part system consists of a short part and a llong part with a tensioning device provided on the short part. Variety of hooks or end fitting as shown can be provided.

Full Body Harness - H2000
H2000 range, a new generation of harnesses along with shock absorbers and lanyards are developed by a very famous French-German Consultant Group H2000 range is manufactured as per european Norm EN 361 and is CE approved.
Energy Absorber - NoShock
Lanyards incorporated with an Energy Absorber ( Shock Absorber) is to be used in conjunction with H2000 Harness. NoShock Energy Absorbers are manufactured according to EN 355 and are CE approved - CE 0082. An Energy Absorber lanyard limits the breaking force to less than 6kn. Any Combination of end connectors (page 16) can be provided with our energy absorber.
Grade 8 Chain & Fittings
Lever Hoists
Electric Chain Blocks
Plate Clamps
Wire Rope Pulling Machine
Pallet Trucks & Hydraulic Jacks
Economy Range Alloy Shackles
Loadbinders & Chains
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